Gaming on the UNH Network

The UNH wireless network has accommodated gaming consoles in the residence halls by the use of network rules specific to gaming consoles when they associate to the UNH-Public SSID.

The UNH-Public SSID provides a fairly unrestricted connection for game consoles, which tend to have difficulty living on traditional enterprise networks. These connections are also on a dedicated network segment, separated from other wireless devices.

Because, by in large, gaming consoles do not support enterprise level network authentication and encryption, game consoles are not supported on UNH-Secure, and it should be noted that the UNH-Public network is not encrypted and users should be aware that data transferred over that network lacks any level of network encryption.

UNH's network access control system (NAC) detects game consoles automatically and assigns these specialized rules to their connection. If you have a game consoles that is not behaving as it should, that automatic detection may be failing. Contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603- 862-4242 for assistance or submit a ticket on the "Report An Issue . web form. Some consoles tend to be misidentified by automated systems, but can be accommodated by system administrators.

Registration: Like all other network capable devices, game consoles need to be registered on the UNH-Network. Game consoles without browsers will need to be registered via the non-browser device registration tool available at You will need the Hardware (MAC) address of the device, which can generally be found under the network settings. More details on connecting a game console to the wireless network can be found here.

A note on PC Gaming: Prior to the summer of 2017, there were some known latency issues with PC gaming. Work was done to improve performance before back to school 2017.

For information related to performance concerns with PC gaming, please go to PC Gaming over the UNH Wireless Network.

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