EAB: Navigate - Email Campaigns

Task: Email Campaigns are a new type of Navigate campaign that allows your school to email a group of students on specified dates about things they need to do or activities they need to attend. This type of campaign has no objective, unlike Appointment or Enrollment Campaigns, so students receive all emails in the campaign. Additionally, there is not a traditional “end date” for an Email Campaign – they continue until the final nudge is sent.


  1. Navigate to Campaigns on the left side of the screen
  2. Click Email Campaigns
  3. Like other campaign types, the landing page for Email Campaigns shows a list of campaigns as well as key information at a glance.
  4. On this page, users can see when a campaign was created, whether it is active or not, the most recent nudge sent out by the campaign, when the next nudge is due to go out, and the number of students included in the campaign. Selecting the name of a campaign opens a Campaign Details page.


  1. The Campaign Details page lets you edit or delete the campaign or export the student list. It also shows campaign information, such as when nudges are sent, and metrics about nudges, such as the Click-to-Open-Rate, and how many links in the opened emails were clicked.

  2. Creating an Email Campaign is easy. On the main Email Campaign list page, click the Add New button. A Define Campaign page opens.

  3. Enter a Campaign Name

    1. the optional Tracking URL, and the Tracking URL Display Value, which is the texts recipients instead of the URL in the initial email and future email nudges. Click Continue.

  4. Next, you add recipients using an Advanced Search. Like other campaigns, you can review your recipient list and add or remove recipients before moving to the next step.

  5. Next, compose nudges. The campaign begins on the date of the first email nudge sent.

  6. Enter a subject line and customize the message. The available Merge Tags are listed under the Message text box. You can see a preview of the message in a panel right of the composition panel. You can also attach a file to this message.

    Fields used in the message composition are:

  • Email Subject: The subject of the nudge email going to the student. It is Enroll Today by default.
  • Message: The customized email message going to the student. Merge tags are available for this message and are shown beneath the message field.
  • Send Date: The date the email nudge is sent. If it is the same day as you created it, the nudge sends immediately after you start the campaign. If it is after that, it sends at 10:00 AM Eastern. The earliest nudge is the start of your Email Campaign.
  1. After creating a nudge, click Save Nudge to continue. You may continue creating nudges after this. Once you are done creating nudges, click Continue.

  2. Finally, you’ll see a Confirm & Send page to do a final review before sending the campaign. Once you are finished, click Start Campaign to start your Email Campaign.




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