Installing Stata - Windows

Installation Instructions

The following instructions will provide access to the networked version of Stata. This procedure needs to be done every time you want to run stata.

Because Stata is distributed from one of UNH's servers, you must be connected to UNH's network both to install Stata initially and every subsequent time you wish to run Stata. The three options for being connected are 1) a wired Ethernet connection on the UNH campus, 2) the UNH-Secure wireless network on campus, and 3) a connection via the UNH VPN service if you are off campus.

  1. Be sure you are connected to UNH's network as described above before proceeding.
  2. Connect to the \\\stata share. On Windows 10, click the Start Menu button in the lower left and just start typing the path to the share. Note that you should not enter this address in a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.
  3. You will likely be prompted to enter a username and password to get connected. If you are, enter your normal UNH username, prefixed with "AD\" (e.g. AD\djb1) and password.
  4. If you are not prompted for credentials to login or receive an error message, try this alternative:
    • Open a Command Prompt
    • Enter the following command, replacing the USERNAME item with your actual UNH username:
      net use \\\stata /u:AD\USERNAME
    • Enter your UNH password when prompted.
    • To make the Stata window open in Explorer, enter the command:
      start \\\stata

    In some cases, especially when off campus and connected via the VPN, using an older "mapped drive" solution will be more reliable:
    • Right-click on the "This PC" icon either in the Start Menu or in the sidebar of a Windows Explorer window and select Map Network Drive.
    • Select any unused drive letter in the Drive: field. The default Z: drive is just fine.
    • Enter the path \\\stata in the Folder: field. Do not click the Finish button or press Return yet!
    • Make sure that the Reconnect at logon box is not checked.
    • Click on the link that says Connect as a different user name.
    • In the Connect As... dialog box that appears, enter your your username prefixed by AD\ (e.g. AD\djb1), then enter your AD account password.
    • Click OK in the Connect As... dialog box followed by Finished in the Map Network Drive dialog box.
  5. When the file share window opens, you should see a folder named Stata 16, browse through the appropriate folder for your operating system and then find the stata application which then can be run. The application item is named StataIC-64


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