SharePoint: Moving Files/Folders from Google Docs to SharePoint

Important Information: If you currently use or plan to use a non-USNH approved cloud storage application, you must submit a Cybersecurity Exception Request that clearly states the business requirements of the request.


Task: To move files/folders from Google Docs to SharePoint in a Windows or iOS operating system.


Step 1 - Sign into your Gmail account, click the Google apps icon in the upper-right corner, and then choose Drive.

Step 2 - In Drive, select all of your documents, right-click, and choose Download.

Step 3 - Choose Save at the bottom of your screen and save the .zip file to your desktop.

Step 4 - Open the .zip folder on your desktop, click Extract all.

Step 5 - Extract the files to the .zip folder on your desktop (the default location) and select Show extracted files when complete.

Step 6 - Click Extract. A widow opens displaying the extracted contents on the .zip file.














Step 7 - Sign into Microsoft 365, open the app launcher, choose SharePoint, and then choose the SharePoint site where you want to upload the files.

Step 8 - Choose Documents from the SharePoint site menu.

Step 9 - Return to the window containing your extracted folders and files and click Select all from the ribbon.

Step 10 - Drag the files to the Documents area of your SharePoint site.

Outcome: Your selected folders/files are migrated from Google Docs to your SharePoint site.

Next Steps: Delete the files and folders from your Google Docs.


Additional Support: If you are unable to successfully move your folders/files using the procedure provide, contact your desktop support team.


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