EAB: Navigate - Case Management Process and Workflow

Task: This article describes the EAB Case management PILOT workflow for students marked "At-Risk" from a progress report within CHHS or CEP


Run a college-specific Progress Report Report

  1. Navigate to the Reporting area

  2. Under Intervention Reports, Run the Progress Reports
    1. Adjust the Timeframe as needed
    2. Select Progress Reports Marked At-Risk Only check box
    3. Under Areas of Study, Use filters to select CHHS or other appropriate college/school (In any of these)
  3. Select Students from the At-Risk Report by checking the box to the left of their name
    1. select ONLY students with multiple alerts (2 or more) and/or students with a Student is Currently Failing Class Alert
  4. Using the Actions menu, Issue an Alert
  5. Select the Alert Reason: Open Case: Case Management pilot ONLY
    This will open a Case for each student you select
    Note: You can also issue the Open Case: Case Management pilot ONLY alert through the student record OR from your list of advisees

  1. Click into Cases on the left hand navigation menu
    1. this is where you will assign Case Owner*, assignee*, manage, comment and notate any cases
  2. Select Case Management Team Care Unit (this will filter to all the Cases that were opened based on the Open Case: Case Management pilot ONLY alert you manually added to students in step 5, Click Search
  3. From this list, find your students and click the Manage Case icon on the far right of the list.  You will assign yourself (MaryBeth for CHHS and Caitlin for CEPS) as the Case Owner. 

For CHHS ONLY: You can select a Cases that you are the owner for and use the action drop-down to select assign

Note: The Manage Case icon is where you will also add comments, edit case and close

  1. Within the Case you will be able to see a running history of activity that has taken place on the case through the course of time.
  2. You will then select the assignee from your college that will be following up on the case
  3. When Assignees are designated, they will receive an email alerting them that they have been assigned a Case.  The Alert Issuer will be emailed when a Case is closed.
  4. To close a Case, you will select the Name from the Cases list, use the actions menu, and select CLOSE. Enter the Case Outcome Reason - these are the case closure reasons you will select from:

* Case Owner is the person responsible for the case as a whole, coordinating efforts to get the student assistance where they need it.  Assignee, is the person responsible for the next action with the student on the case.

Students do not receive email notifications when the Case is updated or commented on. 

Finding Cases Assigned to you

  1. Navigate to the Cases area of the application

  2. Use the filter "Assigned To" and select your name

  3. Click Search

  4. This will return all Cases assigned to you.

Updating Cases

  1. From the list of Cases on the Cases screen, the user can use the select check box to the left of the Student name

  2. Once selected use the Actions Menu to carry out of the listed actions. 
  3. Notes added here will show up under the student's "History Record"  and not added to the Case.  To add a note to the case, you will need to open the case and add a comment.


Users should be able to manage the cases in EAB Navigate.

Further reading:

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