Microsoft Licensing: Removing Corrupted Office License Files on a Mac to Allow you to Edit/Save Documents

Task: To run the license removal tool, removing all corrupted Office for Mac license files. This allows you to not only view, but to edit and save documents.


Step 1 - Sign out of and close all your Office applications.

Step 2 - Download the license removal tool.

Step 3 - Run the license removal tool.

Step 4 - Open and sign into your Office applications.

Outcome: All Office files have been removed, and you can now view, edit, and save documents.

Important Information: If you are still unable to view, edit, and save documents:
Step 1 - Click File > Activate Office.
Step 2 - Sign into your Office applications.


Article ID: 4317
Tue 1/18/22 3:33 PM
Mon 1/31/22 11:51 AM
Applicable Institution(s):
Granite State College (GSC)
Keene State College (KSC)
Plymouth State University (PSU)
University of New Hampshire (UNH)
USNH System Office