Canvas (myCourses): Understand Classic Quizzes vs New Quizzes

Task: This article describes the differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes


New Quizzes vs Classic Quizzes

The New Quizzes tool offers several new features and question types, but is missing some features from the Classic Quizzes tool which some instructors use for assessment. It is important you understand the differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes and choose the tool that best fits your instructional needs.

While Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes share many of the same features, they do not yet have parity with all the features.   New Quizzes is still being developed and new features are being added.  Based on how you use the Canvas quizzing tool review the information below to determine which quiz platform you want to use.

Use Classic quizzes if you:

  • Embed Kaltura video or audio files in quiz questions
  • Grade by question from within the Speedgrader
  • Assign partial credit for Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Answer and Matching
  • Schedule Surveys (graded or ungraded)
  • Use Practice Quizzes
  • Use Quiz Analytics including both Item Analysis and Student Analysis
  • Use Question Groups to shuffle questions

Use New Quizz​​​​​​es if you:

  • Want to use new Question types:  Categorization, Ordering, Hotspots and Stimulus questions
  • Want to shuffle questions globally in Settings
  • Want to shuffle answers globally in Settings
  • Want to shuffle answers at the question level and lock answers in place
  • Want to set a wait time between quiz attempts
  • Want to print quiz, print quiz student answered, and print as sample answer key
  • Want to add extra time for student for the entire semester.
  • Want to view Item Banks from any course.
  • Need Item Banks to have additional features such as tags, search capability and filter/sort option
  • Want to reopen a quiz so student can continue the quiz from where they left off.

Features not available for New Quizzes

  • Export New Quizzes is not available.
  • Not able to use Bookmark Banks.
  • Rich Content editor does not have access to Kaltura, course content selector and accessibility checker
  • Kaltura is not currently integrated with New Quizzes. The video can be embedded by using the Video/Audio add/embed option
  • New Quizzes do not appear in the faculty To Do list
  • Quiz Analytics only has Item Analysis.  Student Analysis is not available.
  • Partial credit grading for only multiple answer and matching type questions.   
  • No Question Groups.  This was used to shuffle questions which is now available as a setting.

Additional resource:   Canvas feature comparison article.   (This comparison indicates that Question Bank migration is not available. This means Canvas has not developed a migrate functionality but Question Banks can be moved to Item Banks.  See the article listed below.)


Getting Started with New Quizzes 

The Migrate quiz option is easy when all the questions are associated to the quiz.  If the quiz is pulling questions from a bank, then those questions will not migrate without additional steps.
Question banks can be moved into Item Banks but require additional steps to successfully move them.  

To attend a Teaching and Learning Technology training session for New Quizzes select the link to view the calendar.


After this article, users will be able to describe the differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.

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Getting Started with New Quizzes 

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