MacOS Update Instructions


Navigating to the installer

•    Open Finder and navigate to the Applications folder
•    Find “Install MacOS Big” and open it.  If your Mac is not compatible with Big Sur, use “Install MacOS”

Follow the installer prompts:

  • Click Continue

  • Click Agree to view the Software License terms

  • Click Agree to confirm you read and agree to the terms of the software license agreement

  • Click Continue

  • If you have additional drives or USB devices plugged in, you may see those appear in next to Macintosh HD here. Be sure to select your Mac’s primary drive.

  •  When prompted, enter your password. Wait for the loading bar to finish. Wait times will vary depending upon your hardware. Expect 10-30+ minutes to load.

Once complete, restart your Mac to finish the update. This will take an additional 20-30 minutes
If you experience issues with your upgrade, please contact the IT Help Desk / Desktop Management for support.


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