SharePoint: Modifying Access to Files/Folders


Owners of a SharePoint site can set permissions levels for users who already have access to files/folders using Microsoft SharePoint's "Manage Access" feature. 


Manage Access for Files/Folders

Note: To manage a user's access levels as shown below, they must already have been shared on the file/folder you wish to change their access level for. See SharePoint: Share site files for more information.

Note: Only Owners of the files can set permissions levels for files/folders in a SharePoint site.

  1. Right Click the file/folder you want to edit the access level for.
  2. Select Share
  3. Next to "Shared With" at the bottom of the pop up page, click on any profile picture shown to open a new pop up. 
  4. Select the drop down options to the right of the users.
  5. Select OwnerCan View/Edit, or Can View.


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