OneDrive - Separation from USNH


60 days after leaving USNH your OneDrive data will be deleted. This article outlines how to ensure USNH owned/shared data will not be lost and how to transfer files from OneDrive to Sharepoint. Changing ownership within OneDrive may not work so it is recommended to move the files.

Moving your Files from OneDrive to Sharepoint

1. Select the files or folders that you want to move, and then select Move to.

2. Under Choose a destination, select the location you want to save to. Sharepoint sites will show under the name of your organization. Please note that you will see different locations depending on where you are. For example, if you are viewing it on a Sharepoint site, you will see your current library, OneDrive, and other sites. If the site you are looking for does not show select Browse sites.

3. Once the desired location has been selected, press Move here.

Note: If you do not see the Move to command you may be using OneDrive classic (older version of OneDrive UI) which is no longer supported.


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