UKG Dimensions (aka, Kronos) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can't I make changes to my timecard (including punching in--I can only punch out---)?

Your manager applied approval to your timecard which is why you can't make changes or punch.  Please ask them to remove approval and then you should be able to revise and punch.  Approval of the overall timecard is only required at the end of the biweekly pay period (i.e., by 1:00 PM on payroll end Monday).  Thanks!

General questions for UNH HR Services

Please email UNH HR Services at

Supervisor Updates in UKG

To request supervisor updates that will flow through to all HR systems, please file a ticket at:

Why can't I login to UKG?

I don't see an active job for you in our HR system. Please ask your manager to submit a service request at:,

For student hires specifically, a service request can be filed here:

Or, if the request is urgent, for UNH hires you can email them at to inquire as to how to proceed. Apologies for the inconvenience! Please let me know if any further questions.

How do I transfer my hours to a position/job in UKG?

Please see this UKG Job Transfers Job Aid:

Overtime in UKG

The way Overtime displays on our timecards isn't particularly intuitive. Essentially, the overtime displays in purple on the days overtime was worked. An easier way to review totals without the confusion of counting OT twice (once in the original hours and once in the 310 pay code) is by using the 'Totals' tab at the bottom of the timecard. The pay codes that begin with numbers are the codes that will actually pay out.

Where can I access UKG training materials?

UKG job aids can be accessed at:

The page provides links to each type of end user and below links are provided to the job aids most commonly requested:

Non-exempt employees:

Exempt employees:


I missed the payroll deadline but have hours to report.  What do I do?

Please submit a Payroll Adjustment Form to payroll:

What are the payroll deadlines?

Please see the payroll calendar here:



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