Using Audio Only in Redfern Arts 120

This is a step by step guide to show you how to play audio in Redfern Arts 120 on the main system. Specifically when not using a device with an HDMI connection, or when wanting to play only audio and not show visual signal.

(NOTE: if your device does have an HDMI connection, and you are okay with sharing a visual signal as well, you can play audio using the provided HDMI cable that is available inside the cart. If this does not include you, please continue on reading this article.)

  1. First things first, before turning on the system or plugging in, make sure your device is ready to start playing media.
  2. Check to see if your device has a headphone input on it. This input will be similar to what is pictured below. Some laptops will mark the input with the headphone icon which is also pictured blow. 

    (PLEASE NOTE: If your device DOES NOT have this input, you may need to connect an audio port adapter to your device before you can continue. If you connect an adapter, follow the steps below normally. If you do not have the port or an adapter, you cannot use the audio only function)
  3. Next, you’ll need to locate the audio cord, commonly referred to as a headphone jack. (Pictured below)

  4. To locate the audio cord, find the coiled group of wires that are coming from the side of the cabinet, all collected in the same sleeve. They should be hanging from the side of the cabinet.
    1. The audio cord can be found in this coil, most likely wrapped around the others.
  5. Connect this to your device , and you should be ready to broadcast audio!

If you find that the audio isn’t coming through, follow these steps until you hear sound.
Test after each step.

  1. Check the amplifier/receiver at the bottom of the closet (see picture below)
  1. Press the button labeled “LAPTOP”.
  2. Increase volume via Volume Knob.
  3. Check if “T-2 MONITOR” is displaying on the LCD (see red circle in picture below)


  1. If this option is active, no audio will be broadcasted.
  2. To deactivate it, simply press the “TAPE-2 MONITOR” button (see blue circle in picture above) next to the button labeled “LAPTOP”.
  3. After that, press the button labeled “LAPTOP” once more to reselect your input.


From there, you should be hearing audio! If you still aren't, please reach out to the Keene State College Help Desk via phone (603) 358-2532, or by emailing!



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