Unable to install Adobe products. Error message: You do not have permissions to manage applications. Call your administrator


This is a rare error that happens with Windows devices. There is no known cause yet, but the solution is:

  • Close all Adobe apps
  • Open File Explorer
  • Navitigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\common files\Adobe\OOBE folder\Configs
  • Move ServiceConfig file to desktop (needs admin access)
  • Edit the file in Notepad
  • Change value of AppsPanel from False to True
  • Save the changes, close the file and move it back to the configs file
  • Restart and try to install the application again




close all adobe processes from activity monitor and also ensure that creative cloud application is closed.

After closing processes, you need the access the following file if you are using macOS. 
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs/Serviceconfig.xml

Open it and then change values "false" to "true" and then save the file. 

Now you will be able to install Adobe applications from creative cloud application.


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