SPSS Installation

New Installations

If you need to upgrade SPSS or install a new copy, follow these instructions to install, and then proceed with the licensing steps.

  1. Connect to the repository for the installation files here: USNH SPSS   This folder is accessible to all USNH account holders, but you may have to login with your USNH username and password to gain access.

  2. Open the folder for the SPSS software.

  3. Open the folder for the version and operating system you would like to install.

  4. You will see an archive for the software. In this case, it will be a .zip archive file. Download this by clicking on the item and then clicking on the black Download button that appears in the middle of the browser window. Be sure to Download the .zip archive to your computer. Do not Open it from the location.

  5. Once the download has finished, locate the .zip archive. Typically it is in the Downloads folder in your user folder on the computer. Right-click on the .zip archive and select Extract All. Once extracted, you should see the installation files to continue the process.

  6. Double-click on SPSS_Statistics_... setup program.

  7. Select English for the desired language, and click the OK button.

  8. Proceed through the remainder of the setup program, answering the questions and clicking Next to continue. We recommend you accept the defaults, but you will in several places have to actively select an item or agree to terms of a license agreement shown.

  9. When the "Ready to Install the Program" window appears, click Install. This process may take several minutes.

  10. When you first launch SPSS, you will be notified that SPSS has expired and will stop functioning. Click the License Product button that appears in the dialog. Continue to the section below titled Licensing SPSS to review the choices avialable to you to activate your copy.

  11. Once the installation is complete, you may discard the installation archive you downloaded in the initial steps.

Next Step : SPSS Licensing

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