WebROCK – Search for Student Advisor


 During the term, if a faculty member needs to contact a student’s advisor.  WebROCK can be used to find the student’s advisor name.


  1. Log into WebROCK and select the ‘Faculty Services’ tab.
  2. Find and select “Student Menu” in the Student Information list.

  1. Select ‘View Student Information’

  1. Using the Term drop-down menu, select the appropriate term and then select the Submit button

  1.  Search for the student using one of the following options:
  • GSC ID Number: Enter the student’s GSC ID number
  • By Name: Search by name by entering the Last Name and First Name and select “Students” in the Search Type.  Then click on Submit button.

  1. Select the correct student from the dropdown and select the ‘Submit’ button.  The name of the student’s advisor will appear.
  2. If you need the advisor’s email address, consult the Staff Directory on the Granite State College website.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance please follow the link provided for assistance:  Help at GSC


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