SharePoint: Moving Data from a Microsoft Form to a SharePoint Site List


Using Microsoft's Power Automate, we can automatically upload all responses to your Microsoft Form, to your SharePoint site. This article lists steps to complete this process.



  1. Navigate to this link in any web browser.
  2. Below "This flow will connect to", you will see your Microsoft Forms and Microsoft SharePoint user names listed.
  3. If the connections are valid, you can select "Continue"
  4. This will start a new template work flow to start from.
  5. Under the "When a response is submitted" block, select the Form you would like to auto-submit to SharePoint.
  6. Under the next block, next to "Form id:" select the same Form from the previous step.
  7. In the last block, select the SharePoint site address, and the List you would like to send the responses to.
  8. In the "Title" text box, enter a title for the sub-list which will contain all of the form responses on your SharePoint site.
  9. Select Save.


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