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Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) of record for USNH. All online courses will be delivered through Canvas, and instructors may post supplemental resources and materials in Canvas course sites for on-campus courses. 

It is important that all students know how to access their Canvas accounts and course sites for courses they are enrolled in. This article contains information and tutorials to help students navigate through their courses in Canvas. 


Introduction to Canvas

Through your Canvas Dashboard, you can access course information online any time using a computer or mobile device. 

Using Canvas for the First Time

Canvas is very intuitive, and it is easy to navigate with a bit of practice.    

Accessing your course 

  • You enter your course from the dashboard by selecting the corresponding tile and will be redirected to the home page of your course.
  • To access the content of your course, you must select the module link on the left-hand panel under your course menu. This is where all your course information is located, such as discussion, syllabus, assignments, and quizzes.  Your instructor can decide which links you can and cannot see.  

Key differences between Moodle and Canvas

  • Instructor items, such as Course Overview and Course Resources, are housed in tabs inside the modules.
  • Links, text, and other items are often located in the pages, which are the tabs you see under the modules. 

While every course uses different features and tools, below are some of the most common ways you can interact with Canvas: 

  • Use Modules for Course Navigation: Click on modules in the course navigation menu to see an overview of the entire course. 
  • Stay Informed about Announcements and Notifications: Choose how to receive course notifications (email, text) and how often you would like to be informed. 
  • Access the Syllabus and Course Schedule: The course schedule (at the bottom of the syllabus page) will be updated dynamically throughout the course. Use the "jump to today" button to see deadlines for the current date immediately. 
  • Stay Up to Date with the Canvas Calendar: The Canvas calendar automatically shows the due dates for assignments and other activities across all your courses. 
  • Submit Assignments and Quizzes: All assignments and quizzes included in Canvas should include clearly stated due dates and instructions for submitting your work. 
  • Engage in Discussions: Post to discussion boards in your courses to engage in relevant conversations with your classmates. 
  • Use Groups for Collaboration: Access your course groups to collaborate on projects, engage in group discussions, and share files. 

Common Canvas Terminology

If you used this in Moodle... Use this in Canvas...
Forums Discussions
Grades Grades
Chat There is no chat function in Canvas. There are different ways to communicate with your instructor based on your needs such as Inbox and email. 
The mobile option used? Canvas app

Canvas Features

Learn about some of the most important features of Canvas in this short video: Important Features in Canvas 

Help and Support with Canvas

 If you encounter a problem or have a question about using Canvas, clicking on the Help button at the bottom of the global navigation menu (on the left side of your screen) will provide several options for help including chat, email, and Canvas Guides. 

Browser and Software Requirements

You will need reliable internet access and a PC or Mac with an updated web browser. In addition, you will need a broadband internet connection (DSL or faster), and the ability to playback media content (for courses that include audio and video). 

Supported Browsers: Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. Canvas supports the two most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We highly recommend updating to the newest version of your browser of choice. Learn more about which browsers Canvas supports here: Which Browsers Does Canvas Support? 

A full list of commonly asked questions is available by visiting the Canvas Student Guide.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request. 


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