How to Order an Adobe Subscription through uShop

Note: this document assumes you have been trained in uShop ordering and have approval to make purchases. Any issues with accessing uShop, please contact the Service Desk at 603 862 4242


The cost listed in the SHI punch-out is the pro-rated cost for the remainder of the year. Subscriptions still expire on 1/18 of each year. There has been no changes to the type of subscription you receive. IMPORTANT: DESPITE WHAT THE SHI WEBSITE SAYS, THIS IS A ONE-TIME (YEARLY) PURCHASE. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY MONTHLY.


  1. Log into UShopNH
  2. On the Shopping Dashboard (The Home Page), scroll down until you see the SHI punch-out, then click on it to open
  3. In the upper right-hand corner of the SHI home page, click on the "NH UNIVERSITY OF NH Punchout" banner
  4. Then click on the Company Standards menu selection
  5. Then click on the Adobe link under the Product/Folder heading
  6. Scroll through the catalog until you find the application you wish to purchase
    • If you need more than one subscription, you may change the amount under the Quantity section.
  7. Once you have the correct quantity, click the green shopping cart icon to start the check-out process
  8. A small window will open labeled “The following product(s) were added to your cart”. Review this to ensure accuracy, then click the Shopping Cart button
  9. The small window will close, and you will be taken to a page called Your recent changes are highlighted. Click the Check Out button
  10. Click the Finish button to return to uShop
  11. Click the Proceed to Checkout button
    • If this is your first-time ordering anything from Ushop, you may need to fill out the Shipping and Billing addresses
  12. Click on the Required Fund link on the right to add in the funding
  13. Funding is as follows. Please use this exact Accounting Code. Any other Accounting Code will be sent back for correction:
    • Fund: 1UK005
    • Organization: UKA103
    • Account: 711132
    • Program: 020
    • Activity: leave blank
    • Location: UZKUNH
  14. Click Save Changes to continue
  15. Billing Address is hard-coded. If you are prompted for a shipping address, use your current USNH office address. Nothing is actually shipped.
  16. Click on the Business Purpose/Justification link on the left
  17. Add the subscriber’s email (the person that will be using the application) in the Business Purpose/Justification box (example: Adobe subscription for
    •  PLEASE NOTE: The order will be returned if this is not completed.
  18. Click Save Changes
  19. Click on the Assign Cart button on the right
  20. Assign the order to whomever you normally would as a requester
    • Ask your manager or supervisor if you do not know who that is
  21. Congratulations! You have ordered a subscription to Adobe
  22. Once fully processed, Adobe will send you an email. The Subject line will read Get started with <Specific Adobe Application you ordered>. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL!



For installation help, see How to install Creative Cloud and How to Install Individual Adobe Applications

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