Teams: Creating a Private Channel


Private channels in Microsoft Teams create focused spaces for collaboration within your teams. Most channels are standard ones — everyone on the team can see them as well as view and participate in conversations, share files, and more.

With a private channel, members of a team must be specifically added to it to participate, view content, and to see the channel appear in their list of channels.


Some important things to know before you create a Private Channel:

  • You must mark a channel private at the creation of the channel. A standard channel cannot be converted to a private channel and vise versa.
  • Only the users on the team who are owners or members of the private channel can access the channel.
  • Anyone, including guests, can be added as a member of a private channel as long as they are already members of the team.
  • Private teams are indicated by a lock icon.
  • When a private channel is created, it's linked to the parent team and can't be moved to a different team.
  • The person who creates a private channel is the private channel owner and only the private channel owner can directly add or remove people from it.

How to Create a Private Channel

  1. In Teams, click on the Team name where you’d like to add your private channel.
  2. Click on the three dots … next to the Team name to open the menu.
  3. Select ‘+Add Channel’
  4. In the popup form, enter your Channel Name and Description.
  5. Click in the Privacy dropdown and select ‘Private – Accessible only to a specific group of people within the team’.
  6. Click next.
  7. Enter the names of the people you would like to be able to see this channel. Once all members have been entered, click ‘Add’.
  8. Click ‘Done’.
  9. The Private channel will now appear in your team, indicated by a lock icon.

For more information, visit:
Private channels in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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