M365: Email Change FAQ


This article contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the USNH migration to the M365 unified platform as it pertains to Email. 

  • During the migration some users will have a new primary email address and email format. 
  • Students at Keene State College (KSC), the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and UNH Law will have a new email address:
    • using the following convention:
      • firstname.lastname@keene.edu
      • firstname.lastname@unh.edu
      • firstname.lastname@law.unh.edu 
  • The ksc.keene.edu email and wildcats.unh.edu email domains will no longer be used for student email addresses. 
  • This article answers the questions of what this means for students and faculty and staff who email them.

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Q:  When will the student email address changes take place?

  • KSC student email addresses were changed the weekend of June 5-6, 2021. 
  • UNH Durham, Manchester and Law student email addresses will be changed over the weekend of August 13, 2021. 

Q:   Faculty and staff frequently use email address to determine if the sender if a student, faculty or staff. How can they do this when student emails will match the format for faculty and staff?

A: Users will not be able to tell the difference between a student and a Faculty/Staff member simply by looking at the email. Users will need mouse over the email address. If there is no Department Affiliation you can safely assume the email came from a student. Student contact cards will look different than faculty and staff contact cards in Outlook, they will not include organization information.

Faculty/Staff Students

Q:  What first and last name are being used for the email address?

A:  For students, the first and last name will come from the Colleague (KSC) or Banner (UNH) SIS system. If the student has indicated a preferred name in the SIS that is the name that will be used.  

Q:  What if a user has multiple email addresses due to multiple roles across USNH, i.e. both a staff member and student? 

A:  All existing email addresses will be maintained for users to receive email. All sent mail will come from the primary address based on the primary role and the appropriate convention for that role.

Q:  Will students retain their addresses after graduation?

A:  The existing alumni email rules will apply as they currently stand.  Details for departing UNH students are here: UNH - FAQs for Graduating and Departing Students

A: KSC student emails will de-provision about 30 days into the fall semester if they have not registered for classes.  They do not retain access to any IT services after the deprovisioning. December graduates will retain their accounts through the May graduation and will get de-provisioned in the Fall. 

Q:  Are existing student email addresses still deliverable after the new email addresses are in place?

A:  Yes, old addresses will remain and mail sent to ksc.keene.edu  or wildcats.unh.edu email addresses will be recieved in the users's inbox.  All sent emails will reflect the new firstname.lastname@keene.edu or firstname.lastname@unh.edu convention regardless of what email address the email was sent to.

Q:  Will new email addresses be added to distribution lists as part of this migration?

A:  Yes, you will continue to receive emails from the distribution lists you were a part of.  

Q:  Will Department/Group Emails be impacted? 

A:  These email addresses will not change; all membership and delegate access will be retained.

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