Keene State College: Connecting to services in unified Microsoft 365 (M365) environment

The new unified M365 environment has consolidated individual M365 University System of NH institution environments into a single unified M365 environment.  The unified M365 environment allows for:

  • Easy collaboration with individuals and teams at your home institution and across USNH institutions.
  • Increased control of the environment by increasing available resources to support customers, resolve issues, and provide solutions.
  • A technical infrastructure that can be more easily adapted to future expansion & extension.
  • Improved cybersecurity that decreases our vulnerability from cyberattacks and enables better protection of institutional information and intellectual property.

Below you will find links to how-to documentation that will step you through getting reconnected to your M365 apps and services in the new environment:

Web Based Email and M365 App Access


Other Apps

Need Additional Help?

Please fill out the KSC Help Desk Support Request form with as much detail as possible, or contact the Help Desk at Keene State by calling (603) 358-2532, emailing at, or stopping by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.


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