OneDrive: Supported Permission Levels


Box and OneDrive have similar sharing/permissions. This article explains and highlights those similarities and also lists ways to get more more specific details from the Box and Microsoft help articles.


Most USNH Box users are familiar with sharing/permissions settings within Box. Box allows users to invite specific people with specific permissions to folders they own (or co-own).

Box invite window:

Box inviting specific people with specific permission levels

OneDrive simplifies permissions to Editor and Viewer but the invite process is similar. Although Box has more permission levels, the vast majority of users use Editor and Viewer.

OneDrive invite window:

OneDrive invite specific people window

Note: OneDrive allows editing by default. If you want to grant view permissions, you must select it from the dropdown menu shown above.

Share Link Settings

Box users can link share folders with anyone, people within their organization, or specific invited people.

Box share link window:

Box share link options

Note: lone file sharing options are similar but more restrictive. To reduce those restrictions, place the file in a folder and manage security at the folder level.

The OneDrive sharing process is very similar, but with additional options of sharing with people with existing access (most likely part of a Team or Sharepoint organization that you also belong to) as well as setting expiration date and password options when sharing a link with Anyone.

OneDrive share link window:

OneDrive share link window

Note: OneDrive allows editing by default. If you want to grant view permissions, you must uncheck the Allow editing box shown above.


Box and OneDrive have similar permissions settings and sharing methods. OneDrive has simpliflied granting permissions while increasing methods of sharing through options in OneDrive as well as through the integration of OneDrive with Teams/Sharepoint and Office including Outlook.

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