M365: Comparing M365 Features to those of Box


See how features from Box map and compare to the M365 environment. 



Box to Microsoft 365 Feature Mapping
Feature Box @ UNH OneDrive SharePoint/Teams
File Storage      
Storage limits Est. 3GB per person by 2024 1TB* 25TB*
Max individual file size 15GB 250GB 250GB
Storing files and folders X X X
Email to Folder X X **
Assign tasks X X X
Basic Low-/No-Code Work Automation X X X
Advanced Low-/No-Code Work Automation   X X
Share files with others X X X
File request/upload link X X X
User and company-only shared links X X X
External shared links X X X
Link Expiration X X X
Custom permissions   X X
Desktop Integration      
Sync Windows built-in Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders   X X
Sync files on demand X X X
Save files for offline use X X X
Automatic protected/sensitive data categorization   X X
Restrict data egress based on data category   X X
Self-audit owned file access reporting   X X
*May be increased on an as-needed basis
**Email to Teams channel accomplishes this; no support in SharePoint directly at this time


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