M365: Box Migration Known Issues and Workarounds


Post migration, There are some known issues that the USNH IT team is currently working on solutions.  


Known Issue Title Issue Workaround
Folders owned by a group account are no longer visible and/or don't appear in OneDrive. The Owner(s) of Box Group accounts will be contacted during the ET&S feasibility pilot. In consultation with the Box Team, the Owner can decide where to migrate the Box Group account: to a Teams site or a SharePoint site. (Group owners please submit questions using this webform.)
Owned folders, who's the real owner? All individually owned folders will be migrated. An individually owned folder can be, and often is, a folder shared with other people. In a "rolling" migration, you may see a folder that is available in Box that is not available in OneDrive. Most often, that is because the folder's owner's account has not yet been migrated.
  • When accessing your Box folders online, you can see the folder's owner in the top-right sharing information bar after clicking on the folder.
  • When accessing your OneDrive folders online, you can see the folder's owner in the far right sharing column.
Box Shared Links: Due to security concerns and technical limitations, shared links cannot be migrated from Box. Links limited to collaborators only in Box are made available to everyone at UNH in both destinations It is still possible to create shared links on files and folders after they have been migrated, but you'll need to do this manually.
Box Comments: All comments on files and folders will be lost. If a user needs the comments you will need to manually copy and paste comments into a document.
Box Notes: OneDrive does not support the Box Note format. As a result, Box Notes will be converted to Word Documents (.docx) During the migration Box Notes will be converted to Word Documents (.docx) automatically
Box Notes formatting: Within Box Notes, formatting for tables and checklists will be lost but the content will persist. Formatting will have to be applied manually.
Box Trash Files: Files in "Trash" will not be automatically migrated. "Trash" files may be recovered manually from Box. 
"Uploader" permissions OneDrive does not have any permissions equivalent to Box's "Uploader" permission and as such all "Uploader" permissions were removed from Box prior to migrations.  
SFTP OneDrive does not support SFTP. You may access and upload your files via a browser or vendor-supported client.
Unsupported file types OneDrive does not support some file types including. ashx and .asmx. Supported File Types
Unsupported characters There are a number of invalid characters for OneDrive that were valid within Box. Folders and files will be renamed during the migration automatically. Any changes to folder or file names will be reflected in the post-migration report.
Box Sync It is not possible to sync individually owned data after an account is migrated. This is because it is set to read-only, and Box Sync requires at least Editor level access. Use Box Drive instead of Box Sync. If you want to retain your local files in Box Sync, disable it before you are migrated.

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