SharePoint: Enabling Sharing with External Collaborators

Task: To enable folder and file sharing with collaborators (peers, vendors, clients, or customers) external to USNH.

Note: To complete the procedure referenced in Step 2, the Anyone with the link option must be activated. Refer to the table below to determine if the option is activated/deactivate in your environment. If it is deactivated (greyed out), proceed to Step 1. If it is activated, then proceed to Step 2.

Anyone with the link Option Status
Application Status
OneDrive Activated
OneDrive for Business Deactivated only if you are not the file owner or the file is not located in your OneDrive
SharePoint Deactivated (Can be requested Service - SharePoint (
Teams Deactivated(Can be requested Service - SharePoint (

Note: SharePoint sites are accessible to everyone within USNH if invited by site owner. This procedure is for sharing with an external collaborator.


Step 1 - Create a service request to have the Anyone with a link option activated.

Step 2 - Provide a link to your external collaborators using the procedures for sharing OneDrive or SharePoint files/folders.

Outcome: All those that receive the link to your shared files/folders have access.


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