Box: Change Folder Owner


This article details steps to take to properly change ownership of a Box folder, without the loss of shared content or overwriting previously set permissions.


Change Box Folder Ownership

Note: Moving a folder to another user's top-level Box folder (All Files) will keep permissions previously set. If the folder is moved to a sub folder of their All Files directory, it will overwrite all of the permissions previously set, to the permissions of the sub folder it was moved to.

Note: This process could take several hours for very large files and folders, and may temporarily appear as though the content has been lost. It will reappear over time as Box processes the ownership transfer.

  • Add an Owner to Folders:

    • Open Box Web App in browser -

    • Highlight folder you wish to add an Owner

    • Select Share and enter Collaborators name or email address


  • Change to Owner:

    • Click "invite as Editor" and change the permissions OR

    • highlight folder again and select the person you wish to make Owner

    • Click the 3 dots next to their name

    • Choose Owner from drop down (Note: This will make you an Editor)

Change Ownership

  • Remove yourself as collaborator:

    • Select folder you wish to no longer collaborate with

    • Go to the 3 dots on your name and select remove at the bottom

Need additional help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus, with as much information as possible.


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