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  1. Fill in the form to the best of your ability:
  • Category - If you navigated to the Category and sub-category before selecting +New Article, this field should auto-fill.
  • Order - The Order is used to order each article among all of its siblings (that is, all the articles in the same category). Articles are ordered first by this value and then by the subject. Pinned articles will always be at the top of the article list ordered by subject. You do not need to worry about this field.
  • Subject - This will be the name of your article. If the article is external (for the public), please try to phrase is as a question (ei. How do I...?).
  • Body - This will contain the meat and potatoes of your knowledge. Please be as descriptive as possible, use applicable screenshots and pictures, use numbered steps, and proper grammar. 
  • Summary - The Summary field allows you to specify a custom synopsis for use when this article is being displayed in a list and the full body is not being shown. If a summary is not provided, no synopsis will be displayed.
  • Tags - Tags allow users to search for this article by keywords. Please try to add as many tags as possible to make searching for the article easier.
  • Status -  The status of the knowledge base article determines the visibility of the article in the main knowledge base navigation. Any status other than approved will not show up in the knowledge base navigation (unless the user has the "Knowledge Base: View All Articles" permission). Unapproved articles can still be found using the knowledge base search. If given the option, please select Submitted. This will allow the Knowledge Manager to edit and approve the article before making it available to the public.
  • Next Review Date - The Next Review Date indicates the date on which the article should next be reviewed to ensure that its content is relevant. Please default to 1 year, or set to a date you personally would like to review the article on.
  • Owner - The Owner field allows you to specify a person who manages this question and is notified of feedback (depending on the Notify Owner of Feedback settting). They can also make edits to the article without the "Can Edit All Articles" permission if the article has not yet been submitted or was rejected by the approver. The owner defaults to you and must have the Knowledge Base application. By default, you are the owner of all articles you submit. You can check the Notify Owner on Feedback to recieve notifications when the article gets feedback.
  • Internal or External - Select Internal for articles that should not be viewed by the public. Select External for articles that should be viewable to the public.
  1. Click Save when you are ready to submit your article for review.
  2. Your new article will not be published or public until it is reviewed and approved my the Knowledge Manager.


Article ID: 3966
Fri 7/16/21 2:11 PM
Applicable Institution(s):
University of New Hampshire (UNH)
USNH System Office