OneDrive: Synchronizing Files/Folders


This article describes how to set up and sync your files on your computer with OneDrive. With OneDrive you can sync your files from any of your devices or access them from You can work on your synced files directly on your File Explorer and access them offline. When you go back online any changes made will sync.


You can sync OneDrive files to your computer (Mac or Windows) or mobile device (Android or iOS).  The following articles from Microsoft will help you get going:


Sync OneDrive to your device

  1. Open the OneDrive App
  2. Sign in to the account you would like to sync, once fully signed in your files will begin to sync
  3. If you have another account to sync select Settings > Account > Add an account

Work with files in your file explorer

Once your files are synced, you will be able to view them in your file explorer. For Macs your files will appear under OneDrive in the Mac Finder.

Any time you need to change the folders that are being synced from your computer, select Settings > Account > Choose folders.


Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble with OneDrive Sync, these articles may help you solve the problem:

Need Additional Help?

Please fill out the Microsoft 365 Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus


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