GSC - Add or update Network Drive


With the migration to the Enterprise Services domain, laptops will no longer automatically map network drives.  This document will go over how end users can manually re-map their network drives.

NOTE: Non-GSC stored drives (such as UCR) will not need to be migrated.  This is for GSC shared drives such as the Cross-Group.  If you have any questions, please reach out to IT.


How to map network drives

[Your personal H drive is used as an example, the following Instructions work for other network drives with differences noted in the instructions.]

  1. Connect to the VPN.
  2. Open File Explorer
    1. If previously mapped drives are still present, you will need to right-click each drive and select “disconnect”. (it may remain visible in the tree, this is normal).
    2. Close File Explorer, wait a few seconds, then re-open.
  3. Copy and paste this location into the location field (the field above the list of files)

\\gsc-fs\Home Directories\

[new location for other drives at end of article, copy that location and skip to step 7]

  1. If you have an H drive, you will see it here.
  2. Double click on that folder.
  3. Copy the location from the "location" field as above.
  1. Right Click “This PC” and select “Map Network Drive”

Selecting "map network drive" command.

  1. This window should pop up:

Map Network Drive Window to show the "folder" field


  1. Paste new location in the “Folder” field
  2. Use the list below to select the drive letter and location.
    1. Use the pull-down next to drive to select the corresponding letter; H for personal drive; for other network drives please use the same letter that is in the documentation at the end of this article.
    2. Copy and paste the “path” in the list below to the “Folder” field in the Map Network Drive window.
    3. Ensure that “Reconnect at sign-in” is checked.
    4. “Connect using different credentials” should not be checked
  3. Click finish.
  4. A new File Explorer window should appear with the drive.

If you get this error message, double check the location and if it is correct, please submit an IT ticket with the drive letter and location:

Possible error: problem accessing drive location


Drive Locations:

Folder / Department Drive Letter Path
Academic Affairs A:\ \\gsc-fs\Academic Affairs\
Cross-Group B:\ \\gsc-fs\Cross-Group
Enrollment E:\ \\gsc-fs\Enrollment
Finance F:\ \\gsc-fs\Finance\
Forms G:\ \\gsc-fs\Forms\
IT I:\ \\gsc-fs\Finance\Information Technology
Financial Aid J:\ \\gsc-fs\Enrollment\Financial Aid\
Code of Conduct K:\ \\gsc-fs\Code of Conduct Team\
LSC L:\ \\gsc-fs\LSC
Marketing M:\ \\gsc-fs\Marketing
Concord Regional Center N:\ \\gsc-fs\Concord Regional Center\
OLLI O:\ \\gsc-fs\Student and Admin Services \OLLI
Conway Scommon P:\ \\gsc-fs\Conway Scommon
GSCSQL Q:\ \\gsc-fs\GSC-SQL
Registrar R:\ \\gsc-fs\Registrar
Concord Scommon S:\ \\gsc-fs\Concord Scommon
E&TP / CWEP T:\ \\gsc-fs\E&TP\
HR U:\ \\gsc-fs\Human Resources\
Rochester Scommon V:\ \\gsc-fs\Rochester Scommon\
LSCCLA W:\ \\gsc-fs\LSCCLA
Financial Operarions Y:\ \\gsc-fs\Financial Operations\
LSC-ROC X:\ \\gsc-fs\LSC-ROC
Admissions Z:\ \\gsc-fs\Admissions
Personal H drive H:\ \\gsc-fs\Home Directories\



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