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This article describes how to use Turnitin to upload a file into your e-Portfolio assignment.


Step 1 (Student): Upload your document file into the assignment

  • Refer to the  “Chalk & Wire Startup Guide - For Students” for documentation on how to upload a file into your e-portfolio assignment.

Step 2: (Student) Click on the “Check Originality” button

  • The Turnitin button will appear next to the file icon in your assignment page. 

  • The first time you click the Check Originality button, you will see a Terms of Use agreement. Agree to the terms. This notice will not appear again.

Step 3 (Student): Let the review process complete

Turnitin will compare your document to its database. This process may take up to 15 minutes (likely a lot less). You can close out the panel and return to it later, or just wait until it finishes.

Step 4 (Student): Launch the review

  • Click the Launch button to review the results. The review notes will open in a new browser tab.

Step 5 (Student): Review the results

Step 6 (Student): Submit your assignment

  • If your document is OK, submit your assignment using the Submit button.

You will see a notification that Turnitin is enabled for your Assessor (see below). You can close this panel to abandon your submission, or click into the text box to select your Assessor (instructor) to submit your assignment.

  • Type in your instructor's name.
  • Select your instructor's name.
  • Click submit.

This completes the process for students. Continue below to review the Assessor (instructor) Turnitin view.

Step 1 (AsseSsor): Review the student submission

When you receive the notification that a student has submitted work to be assessed, assess the assignment as you normally would. (For instructions, please review the guide “How to do a Chalk & Wire assessment”). When you review the submission, look for the “Check Originality” button.

  • Click "Check Originality."

The report will open in a new browser tab. Review the Turnitin report. When you are done, close the browser tab.



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