Canvas (myCourses): Chalk & Wire How to import your content


This article describes how to import your content


Step 1: Log in to your Chalk & Wire dashboard

  • Click the Chalk & Wire Dashboard link in your course.

Step 2: At the dashboard, click the Portfolios menu item

Step 3: Select your master Capstone e-portfolio

Step 4: Click on the Home item

Step 5: Click the Import Content button

  • A new page will slide on top of the previous page.
  • Look on the right side for the Import Content button.
  • Click the master e-portfolio you want to import content into.

Step 6: Select the e-portfolio you want to import FROM

  • Keep the “Import from a Portfolio” setting.
  • Check the “Import as new Page” box.
  • Choose which portfolio to import from.

Step 7: Select the content you want to import

Step 8: Move pages and edit content as desired

  • Click and drag pages up/down to change order.
  • Click on the page titles to edit content

Step 9: Enable Edit mode to rename or delete content

  • Click on the blue edit button.
  • Select an item to rename or delete it as needed.
  • Click “Done Editing” when finished.


Step 10: Click “Add” to add new content from scratch

Click the blue edit button.  
Click the +ADD button.
Name the new page
Click “Done Editing.”
Click the page title to add content to it. [ CW4 Step 10d.png ]


Need additional help?

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