Canvas (myCourses): Chalk & Wire My Profile setup


This article describes how to setup your My Profile.


IMPORTANT! The My Profile activity requires precise completion of four tasks in order to submit it. Please review each step carefully.

Step 1: Review the instructions for the four tasks

  • Note that there are four required tasks to complete before the Submit button will activate.
  • The grey areas are the assignment instructions.


Step 2: Create and upload the required content.

  • Use the Text Block for your profile and Share URL.
  • Use Add File for your JPEG and résumé.
  • When you new content is added, drag it where it belongs.
  • Drag the cross icon and it will move your content.



How to obtain a Share URL

A Share URL is a secure link to your e-portfolio that shows your progress in the form of a working website. When you create a Share URL for your portfolio, you must keep it active (don’t delete it).

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click “Portfolios”

Step 2: Select the portfolio you want to share

Step 3: In your portfolio, click the blue Sharing button

Step 4: Generate the URL, copy it


Step 5: Return to the My Profile activity

  • Click the My Profile activity.

Step 6: Paste the Share URL into a Text Block and Save

  • Add a new Text Block.
  • Paste the Share URL in the text block.


Need additional help?

Please fill out this Canvas webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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