Canvas (myCourses): Accessing Chalk & Wire




Step 1: Purchase access to Chalk & Wire at the granite state college bookstore

  • Go to
  • Purchase one access code while you purchase your books.  You need to purchase only one access code for your entire degree program.
  • You will receive your access code in your email.

Step 2: Activate your account

  • Go to Graduate Resources and Orientation course in Canvas.
  • In the Start Here module, go to the Chalk & Wire page.
  • Click the blue "Activate Chalk & Wire" button. Add your subscription code and create a password.


Step 3: Go to your online courses; click on assignment links

  •  Just click the e-portfolio activity links in your courses and you will be taken directly to your e-portfolio assignments.
  • IMPORTANT!! You MUST click assignment links to access e-portfolio activities in Chalk & Wire and submit them. If you navigate directly to the activity within C & W (not through Canvas), your grade will not be returned to your course.


Step 4: Complete your assignments in Chalk & Wire

Important! You do not need to create an e-portfolio from scratch. When you complete an e-portfolio assignment and submit it, an e-portfolio is created for you automatically. Do not create an e-portfolio manually unless you are directed to do so.

  • Use the hint resources in the navigation.
  • Click the ADD CONTENT button to add text or upload files.
    • Choose which kind of content to add.
    • When your content is added, drag it where it belongs.
    • Drag the cross icon to move content.
    • Click the gear icon to delete content.

  • Some assignments might have minimum requirements to complete before the Submit button will activate.
    • The grey areas are the assignment prompts.
    • When all required content is completed, the Submit button will activate.
    • Click the Submit button to submit your work to your instructor.
    • When prompted, type in your instructor's name as the Assessor
    • Select the name when Chalk & Wire displays it.
    • Once you have selected your instructor, click submit.

Need additional help?

Please fill out this Canvas webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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