Teaching Evaluation Software-Blue: How to Import Student Evaluation of Teaching Template


This article describes how to import the Student Evaluation of Teaching template into a Qualtrics survey.


Creating the Evaluation Form

  1. Navigate to Qualtrics - https://survey.unh.edu - and log in with your username/password.
  2. Click the blue Create New project button(located on the upper right side of the page)

NOTE FOR FIRST TIME USERS:  You will be asked if you have an existing Qualtrics account (perhaps from another institution). If you do, and ONLY if you would like to merge it with your UNH Qualtrics account, please select Yes. The majority of users will select No to this question.

Here are the steps you will follow for a new account (answering No).

  • Click Create New User - a window will display with the following fields:
    • Username
    • Email - fill in the field with your email address using your alias (ie. jjsmith@unh.edu)
    • Fill in first and last name
    • Terms and Conditions will display - click Agree

You should be brought to the Projects page so you can begin creating a survey project.

3. Click Survey under Create your Own
4. Click From Library and from Select Library drop-down, select UNH - All Users
5. From the Select survey drop-down, choose uncategorized.  Select Spring 2021 SET standard question template -pre COVID
6. Click the blue Get Started button on the right side of the page.


Modifying the Evaluation Form

  1. Click Untitled Project in the area just above the questions and name your survey so that you will know which course it applies to.
  2. The evaluation survey should already be set to anonymous, but it is important to double-check by clicking Survey Options,  scrolling the screen, and selecting Anonymize Response under Survey Termination.
  3. In the introductory paragraph of the evaluation, add your course name, section name, and your name in the fields provided.
  4. Click the green Publish button in the upper right to make the survey viewable.
  5. To obtain an anonymous link to distribute the survey click Distributions on the menu and click Anonymous Link (a single reusable link) from the left.
  6. Right-click on the link to copy it.
  7. Share the link by emailing to the class and/or posting in Canvas.
  8. Repeat this process from the beginning if you wish to administer this survey to students in a different course.

Need additional help?

UNH’s license for Qualtrics includes access to the company’s support services. If you are new to Qualtrics or need to learn about specific features and capabilities, you can access the online training and documentation at Qualtrics University - www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/. This website includes video tutorials, reference materials, eBooks, and other resources.

Visit Qualtrics - How to Get Support to submit a support request or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus for additional assistance. 


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