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This article describes how to access and review Similarity Reports for an assignment created with Turnitin. 

A typical submission made to an assignment in Turnitin generates a Similarity Report. The Similarity Report is the result of comparison between the text of the submission against the search targets selected for the assignment; this may include billions of pages of active and archived internet information, a repository of works previously submitted to Turnitin, and a repository of tens of thousands of periodicals, journals, and publications. Any matching or highly similar text discovered is detailed in the Similarity Report that is available in the assignment inbox.

The similarity score is a percentage of a paper's content that matches to Turnitin's databases; it is not an assessment of whether the paper includes plagiarized material.


How to Access a Similarity Report from the Assignment

  1. From the side of any page within Canvas, select the Courses tab.
  2. Select the course for where the assignment is located.
  3. From the left hand menu, select Assignments.
  4. Select the assignment.
  5. Click on the Score under Similarity to open the report.

Assignment Inbox


How to Access a Similarity Report from within the SpeedGrader

  1. From within  SpeedGrader, click on the Score under Submitted Files, the report will open in a new window.

Person Profile in Turnitin

Interpreting the Similarity Report

Turnitin does not check for plagiarism in a piece of work. Instead, it will check a student's work against their database, and if there are instances where a student's writing is similar to, or matches against, one of their sources, they will flag this for you to review. The database includes billions of web pages: both current and archived content from the internet, a repository of works students have submitted to Turnitin in the past, and a collection of documents, which comprises thousands of periodicals, journals, and publications.

It is perfectly natural for an assignment to match against some in their database. If a student has used quotes and has referenced correctly, there will be instances where they will find a match. The similarity score simply highlights of any problem areas in a student's paper; you can then use this as an investigative tool, in order to determine if the match is or is not acceptable.


Users should be able to access Turnitin Reports.

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