Canvas (myCourses): Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Task: This article describes how to create a Turnitin assignment using the LTI tool within Canvas. Turnitin helps with plagiarism detection and as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work. Turnitin includes grading features for faculty such as comments, Quickmarks, and integrated rubrics. For more information, see Canvas LTI - Instructor Categories (


Creating a Turnitin Assignment

  1. Log in to your institution's Canvas as an instructor.
  2. From the side of any page within Canvas, select the Courses tab, then select the course in which you would like to create an assignment.
  3. From the left-hand navigation, click Assignments.
  4. If you have not yet created an assignment for this course, select the + button to the right.
  5. Enter your basic assignment details, including the assignment type, the assignment name, the date the assignment is due, and the assignment points (this is the maximum grade available to your students).
  6. From the more options screen, select External Tool from the Submission Type menu. Then select Find to locate Turnitin.

Submission type External Tool screenshot


  1. Select Turnitin from the drop-down menu

Configure external tool screenshot

  1. Amend the assignment due and available from dates (these dates will transfer into the Turnitin assignment).

  2. Select Save & Publish to publish this assignment. Select Save to save the assignment.

Adding a Rubric to a Turnitin Assignment

You can choose to add a rubric to a Turnitin assignment in either Canvas or Turnitin. Review the two options below: 

Option 1: Add a Rubric In Canvas: 

You can use a Canvas rubric in the Speedgrader to grade a TurnItIn assignment 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When using rubrics in Canvas, you must attach the rubric BEFORE selecting Turnitin from the External Tool menu. 

  • If your assignment has already been created and is designated as TurnItIn, you must first remove the TurnItIn designation, then attach the rubric, then re-designate it as TurnItIn using the instructions in the previous section above.  

  • You may view the assignment in TurnItIn if you wish; however, you will not be able to grade it in TurnItIn. Instead you will use the Canvas Speedgrader to view and grade the assignment using the rubric.  

  • Resources:  
    Canvas: Rubrics Overview  
    Canvas: Grading using Speedgrader 

Option 2: Add a Rubric in Turnitin: 

You can build the rubric in TurnItIn and grade the assignment within TurnItIn. If you use this option, the grade in Turnitin will get automatically pushed to the Canvas gradebook. 


Optional Settings

Once the Turnitin LTI assignment is launched, click Optional Settings within the Turnitin LTI Tool to select a setting in regards to Submission Settings, Compare against, Similarity Report. These settings can be saved for future use.

Optional Settings screenshot


At the end of this article a user can create a Turnitin assignment using the LTI tool within Canvas.

Further reading:

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