Salesforce - Requesting an Account

  1. Login to the IT Accounts Management System
  2. Click on the green Add button - Either "Request Access for an Employee" or "Request Access for Yourself" Request Access for an Employee or Request Access for Yourself
  3. You will need to check one of two options depending on the type of access you need:
    • For access to the Recruitment org - check off Student Information then select CRM: Student RecruitmentStudent Information - CRM: Student Recruitment
    • For access to the Outreach org - check off Communication and Collaboration then select the CRM: UNH OutreachCommunication and Collaboration - CRM: UNH Outreach
  4. Click next
  5. Fill out the necessary account type and business need. If you know of a user with simialr permissions please put their username in teh "copy from user" textbox.
  6. Confirm and submit the request


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