Mass Delete Unread Emails by Subject/Sender in Outlook Desktop App

To sort unread emails in Outlook first select the Unread mail tab. Within the email menu in the top right corner select the drop down menu to view filter and sorting options. Please note if you have focused inbox turned on you can select unread mail in this menu. Select to sort by subject or sender and the emails will be sorted into groupings. The default sorting option is by date and can be reselected within this menu.















Select the grouping of emails that you would like to delete and right click on the heading. Select delete from the drop down menu and all emails within the selected group will be deleted. A confirmation message will show asking to confirm the action will be applied to all items in the selected group.

If you need to recover any deleted emails refer to the article Recover Deleted Items Outlook Desktop App.

If you need to set up rules based on the sender/header refer to the article Creating Rules in Outlook Desktop App.


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