How to Unmark a Payment for a Re-receipt in Trax

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To mark a payment eligible to re-receipt as ineligible for re-receipt, use the Unmark payment for re-receipt task.

Step 1: Open a constituent/organization record.

Note: Refer to the How to Search for a Constituent in Trax/How to Search for an Organization in Trax documents to help open a constituent/organization record.

Step 2: Click the Communications tab.

Step 3: Under the Communications action bar, select ‘Receipts’ in the Communication field.

Note: Select ‘All’ for the remaining fields.

Step 4: Click Apply.

Step 5: Click the hyperlinked receipt you want to unmark.

Step 6: Click Unmark payment for re-receipt in the Explorer bar.

Step 7: Click Yes in the pop-up window.


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