How to Edit a Prospect Assignment in Trax

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From the Prospect assignments section on the Prospects and Plans tab in the fundraiser, you can change the fundraiser's prospect assignment, assigning a different prospect manager and changing the prospect's status.

Step 1: Open a fundraiser record.

Note: Refer to the How to Search for a Fundraiser in Trax document to help open a fundraiser record.

Step 2: Click the Prospects and Plans second tier tab.

Step 3: Click the expand icon next to the prospect you want to edit under the Prospect assignments action bar. Click Edit.

Step 4: Configure information in the Edit prospect team assignment/Edit prospect manager window.

Note: If you selected a prospect team to manage, click the dropdown arrow in the Role field to change the role of the prospect team. If you selected a prospect manager, click the magnifying glass icon to search/select a new prospect manager.

Note: If the new role/manager is assigned for an undetermined length of time, leave the End date field blank.

Step 5: Click the Save button.


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