How to Edit Recognition Credits for an Existing Payment in Trax

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A recognition credit allows multiple constituents to receive recognition for a single revenue transaction. When you recognize constituents, you decide whether to split the credit evenly between all recognition credit recipients, give each recipient full recognition credit, or define your own credit distribution.

Step 1: Open a revenue record.

Note: Refer to the How to Search for a Revenue Transaction in Trax document to help open a revenue transaction.

Step 2: Click Go to revenue next to the transaction you want to manage under the Application details action bar.

Step 3: Click the Recognition tab.

Step 4: Click Edit recognition credits on the Recognition credits action bar.

Step 5: Configure information in the Edit recognition credits window.

Note: Click the Reset recognition credits button at any time to return to the default recognition credits.

Note: Refer to the How to Search for a Constituent in Trax document to manage information in the Constituent Search window. For each constituent you select, you must enter the type of recognition credit, the effective date the constituent is credited, and the total amount of the credit.

Note: If you added multiple constituents, select how you will split the amount in the Distribute field. Click the Apply button once you selected an option.

Step 6: Click the Save button.


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