Kaltura - Migrating Kaltura Resources from Moodle into Canvas


This documentation is on linking a Kaltura Video Resource back into your Canvas course when you migrate from Moodle. We’ll also look at how unlisted Kaltura video links import from Canvas into Moodle and Kaltura Media Assignments.  


Migrating Kaltura Video Resources from Moodle into Canvas 

You may notice when you import or have a course migrated from Moodle into Canvas your Kaltura Video Resources no longer appear. In order to make your videos present in your Canvas course you’re going to want to follow these steps:

1. Locate the title of your Kaltura Video resource in Moodle, you’ll be able to search for your My Media page in Canvas to find the video and more importantly the video’s title. In the example below my video’s title is Print Depot: An Introduction.

2. You would need to copy your equivalent title when you go into Canvas.  

Image of a Kaltura Video Resource in Moodle.  

Unlike in Moodle, in Canvas there is not a Kaltura Video Resource button. If you are adding a video simply to watch as part of the class, the best option is to add the video to a page. To add a video to a page follow the process below. 

3. First, create the page – you'll want to title it something like your original Kaltura Video Resource. For this example, this page will be titled “Introduction to Print Depot”  You will find the equivalent module where the video resource was located. You'll then click the + button 

4. Scroll down to the Page option.  [New Page] should be selected.  Type in your new page name and select Add Item 

Image of New Page in Canvas 

5. Your new page will now appear in the Canvas module.  Click on your new page title. Then click edit.  

6. Look for the Kaltura Icon that appears in the toolbar.  

Image of the Kaltura Icon in Canvas.  

7. Go ahead and click on the Kaltura icon. 

8. Now remember how you copied the title from your previous Kaltura Video Resource? Paste that into this search bar 




9. Click on Select to add the video into your course page. Kaltura in Canvas does synchronize with your previous Kaltura account, so you will be able to find videos you added even to Moodle.  

10. Click Save to save this video on your page and in your module.  

Migrating Kaltura Videos if Posted as Unlisted Links in Moodle  

If you listed your video as an Unlisted Link in Moodle – you should have no problem accessing that link, and it should import into Canvas. However, you may notice the video link does not embed into the link page within Canvas. If you have any Kaltura videos linked in your course, you may want to select the menu dots to the right of your link, click on Edit button and then check the box off next to  “Load in New Tab”. This will bring your students directly to the link for video.  


Kaltura Media Assignment 

You will notice that Kaltura video assignments do not import from Moodle into Canvas. To create a new Media Assignment in Canvas, please follow these instructions.  

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