Zoom: Sharing Media in Zoom During a Live Meeting

Task: This article will discuss how to share media and sound during a live meeting in Zoom.


Sharing Audio Only

  1. First select "Share Screen"
  2. If you would only like to share only audio and not video during your session select "Advanced" at the top of your Zoom screen
  3. Then select by clicking on "Computer Audio". This will allow you to continue your standard camera view and share audio.
  4. Select "Share"


Screenshot of Zoom Computer Audio

Sharing Video and Audio

  1. First select "Share Screen"
  2. Then select the screen where the video is located that you would like to share
  3. Look to the lower hand left side of the screen and select "Share Sound" and "Optimize for Video Clip"
  4. Select "Share"


Sharing Screen on Zoom, and selecting share sound and optimize for video clip


User will be able to share media and sound during a live meeting in Zoom.

Need additional help?

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