Mapping Turing Drive Using Windows

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Mapping Turing Drive Using Windows


Note: Off-campus users need to connect to the VPN before following these instructions.


  • Click on the Windows Explorer icon on your taskbar

  • On the left side of the Windows Explorer window, click on This PC

  • At the top of the window, click the tab named Computer and then click Map network drive

  • Type \\\username for the folder, and make sure that "Connect using Different Credentials" is checked. Click Finish

  • A small window should pop up asking for your credentials. You should enter your and password.*

*Please note that entering your is not what most PSU services require to login. This is due to changes in the way that Turing is mapped.

  • If you have successfully done these steps, a new window should open. This folder is your Turing drive!


This document was created using Windows 10, if you are using a different version and need assistance or have any questions, please contact your local Help Desk.


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