Mahara-Create Section Overview

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Here is a brief description of the Create section.

The Create section is where you Create and upload artifacts and create portfolios. This section has seven sub-tab options.

Create Sub-tabs:

  1. Pages and Collections is where choose and arrange artifacts to create your ePortfolio Page.
  2. Files is where you store and organize your uploaded files. Some file examples are images, PDF files, and presentations. Do NOT store movies or videos here. Use the External Media tool, which will be discussed in Portfolio section.

  3. Journals is Mahara's version of blogging. You can create journals and entries within journals that can easily be inserted into your portfolio pages.

  4. Resume is Mahara's version of you resume, it allows you to insert sections or all of your resume into your portfolio pages, such as your cover letter, professional history, skills and interest.

  5. Plans are simple ToDo lists with completion dates and check marks

  6. Notes are text boxes that are centrally stored to easily update multiple portfolio pages at once." alt="" />

  7. Tags are keywords you can use with artifacts, pages, and collections within your portfolio pages


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