How to Install/Use Adobe Software Via Adobe Creative Cloud 2019

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Adobe created a Creative Cloud (CC) Launcher to make it easier for you to install PSU licensed Adobe products on your computer. Using the CC Launcher will be the only way to perform installs, updates, or uninstalls for all the available PSU licensed Adobe products.

Here are instruction on how to install and use the CC Launcher with both PC or Mac.

Windows Install:

  • Click on Search in lower left corner (windows 10) or click start button then click search (windows 7).
  • Type Software Center in search block.
  • Click the Creative Cloud button to display the install button window.

  • To perform the actual install, click the install button.

  • After the install, you will find the Adobe CC icon on your desktop.

Continue to How to log into the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Mac Install:

  • Click on Applications within Finder.
  • Scroll until you find Self Service.
  • Double click to open Self Service.
  • Click Install for Adobe Creative Cloud Launcher.

  • After the installation, within Finder, locate the Adobe Creative Cloud folder.
  • Double click the adobe creative cloud folder.

  • Double click the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

Logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud:

When a user launches Adobe Creative Cloud, you need to sign in using your myPlymouth username plus ( for an email address (not your usual email address). You do not need to enter a password, just click the Sign in button.

(Adobe CC Sign in Window - image below)

You should automatically receive the PSU login page (same as myPlymouth -- see below.) If you are asked for, a password on the Adobe CC sign in window or the PSU login page gives you an error, click "Sign in with an Enterprise ID" on the Adobe CC sign in window. Then follow the same steps above for logging into Adobe CC.

Sign into the above screen using your myplymouth username and password.

Click the Apps tab in the top left side of menu. Now you can update and install any Adobe product via the "Apps" pane.

If you have any questions, contact the ITS Help Desk at (603)535-2929 or email


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