Send Voicemail Message to Additional Email Addresses

Task: To send voicemails to your additional email destinations.  Note: new KSC accounts are set up by default to send voicemail messages to the email of the account owner.  These instructions are for managing multiple destinations if needed.  This may be mostly useful for group voicemail accounts.  This can also be accomplished by putting in a work request on the USNH Telecom web page.

  1. Log into Web Access. Click here for instructions on how to log into Web Access.
  2. Once in Web Access, you will see five sections with blocks under each title. Complete the steps below to send your voicemail message to your email

Set up Message Forwarding. Under the Messaging title, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Message Forwarding block.
  2. Click on Add new forwarding address.
  3. Check radio button for "send to specified destination"
  4. Click in box under the "send to specified destination".
  5. Choose your email address from a drop-down message. If you do not get the drop-down, just enter your email address.
  6. Set Forward Type to Relay.
  7. Set Message Type by checking Voice (you may also want to check Email and Fax, although not used much at this time). If you check Missed Calls, you will get an email for every missed call, whether a message was left or not.
  8. Set Voice Format: MPEG-1 Audio Layer3 (MP3).
  9. Check include attachment(s).
  10. Click on Save and Close button at top of window.

A copy of the voice message will continue to be on server until you delete it, or the retention time expires. If you do not want a copy to remain on the server, Under Messaging title, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Message Forwarding block.
  2. Click on Options button at top middle of pop-up window (see Photo B).
  3. Check Delete After Forward box.
  4. Click the OK button.

(Photo B)

Additional Resources:

PSU: How to Install and Connect to the Pulse Secure VPN Client

If you do not have access to your campus VPN, or are having difficulty with these self-serve instructions, you can instead request this work to be done by using the USNH Telecom ticket web form:

Voicemail Request


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