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The Office 365 suite has an intranet tool called Microsoft SharePoint. The tool allows folks within a group to share information, workflows, documents and more using web browsers. It is similar to a set of websites, but specially catered to be used for the internal communications and business processes of an organization.

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As this is not an introduction to SharePoint, you will already need to be familiar with navigating around in SharePoint.


Microsoft SharePoint is a full-featured product designed to be used for organization communication and interaction. We will be focusing on only a single aspect of SharePoint in this document: SharePoint Lists.

Lists have similarities to both Excel spread sheets and database tables. They are used in SharePoint in a similar way: to organize and store data within the SharePoint site and organization.

Our simple list will be used later on in the "Create a Flow with Microsoft Flow" document to store data from the form that we made in the "Create a Form with Microsoft Forms" document.

Create a List

  • Log into a SharePoint site.
  • Click on the "New" drop down on the toolbar and select "List". Give your list a name and a description, if desired. I recommend unchecking "Show in site navigation" at this point. You can always go back a show it later.
  • Click "Create".

Add Fields to the List

The point of a List is to hold data. Like a spreadsheet or a database table, fields are defined in columns and entries are created in rows. The "Title" field is created automatically. Let's set up the other data fields.

  • Click "Add Column" and select "Choice" as the field type and set it up as follows:
    • Name: USNHAssociation
    • Description: How is the submitter related to USNH
    • Choices: (Each choice should be on its own line)
      1. Student
      2. Employee
      3. Resident of Plymouth.
    • Click Save.
  1. For the remaining fields, choose "Single Line of text as the field type.
  2. Create fields called:
    1. FavoriteRestaurant
    2. FavoriteOutdoorSpot
    3. FavoriteCampusSpot

Your list should now look like the following:


This was a simple example of creating a form. We'll use this one in a later example of building out Flows.

Need Additional Help?

If you'd like more information about SharePoint Lists, please visit this Microsoft support article.

Please fill out the Microsoft Integrated Services (MIS) webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training, please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site


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