How To Use Green Screen Footage In Adobe Premiere Pro

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How to Use Green Screen Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

Open Premiere Pro CC 2017.
Open your project, or create a new project. For assistance on creating projects and other Premiere basics, check out our article "Premiere Pro Basics."
Add green screen footage to your sequence.
Head over to the Effects window. If your effects window isn't already open, you can open it by going to the Window menu on the top taskbar. From there, scroll down until you see Effects. Once you click on that, it should open up a new Effects window.
In the Effects menu, search for "key." This will bring you to all of the options we have for keying out our green screen. Ultra Key is the easiest option, so go ahead and click that one.

Drop the Ultra Key effect onto your clip.

Go to the Effects Controls tab.

Use the eyedropper to select the green color on your video frame (click somewhere near your subject). You may have to try this a few times to get the best key.

Use the Setting option to choose how aggressive the effect works.

Adjust the numbers under Matte Generation until all the 'noise' is gone. Usually your green screen backdrop isn't perfect - shadows and highlights won't be 'keyed out' until you make adjustments with the Matte Generation.

Use the Matte Cleanup options to affect the edges of your objects; Choke will shrink the edges, while Soften will make the edges more fuzzy.

Use Spill Suppression to adjust the edge colors of your subject. Sometimes when shooting in front a green screen, a green reflection will make your subject appear slightly tinted green. Spill Suppression can fix this problem.


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