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Accessing Pages from the Landing Page

There are three methods to access pages from the landing page: the Applications icon, the Search icon, or the Search field.

Applications Icon

The first method to access pages is by using the Applications icon. Click the Applications icon or the keyboard shortcut CTRL M to view Banner, My Banner and Banner Self-Service menu. Depending on your position at PSU, your applications menu may contain different applications. For this example, we are going to use the SPAIDEN page (the Person Identification page). Click the right arrow next to Banner to expand the menu tree. Use the scroll bar as needed to view more options in the menu panel. At anytime you can click the back arrow (<) beside the previous title, you will go back to the previous level. You may click the "Back to Applications" to return to all the menus or use the shortcut CTRL M to close the application window entirely.

To open a page, click on the page name. Keep clicking the right arrow until you come to the page level you are seeking . In the example, we will click on

Banner ->

Student ->

General Person ->

Finally here is the General Person Identification (SPAIDEN) page.

The Main Menu Panel on the left remains static, no matter what screen you are on.

Click on the Dashboard icon to return to the landing page.

Notice the Recently Opened icon is currently active and a number is attached to the icon. Each time a page is opened that number increases by one. You can click the Recently Opened icon or use the shortcut CTRL Y to display the list of all pages and forms opened during the session. You can access the page from here by clicking on its name.

Search Icon

The second method to access pages is by clicking the Search icon or the shortcut CTRL SHIFT Y that opens and closes the search option.

You can find pages by using key words or the seven-letter identifier. Use Student, Identification, or employee to retrieve a list of pages containing the word or words. After typing three characters, pages matching your entry will display. Keep typing to narrow your search results.

Use your scroll bar to see your entire list of pages returned. Click the page name you want to open. Click on the Dashboard icon to return to the landing page.

Search Field

The third method to access pages, jobs, and menus is by utilizing the Search Field on the landing page.

Type key words, partial page names or the seven-letter identifier into the search field. This search field works as the same as the search icon in that after typing three letters results matching your entry display.

Use your scroll bar to see your entire list of pages returned. Click the page name you want to open. Alternatively, you can type the page name or seven-letter code into the search field and press Enter on the keyboard to open the page.
Always, make sure you click the Sign Out icon indicated by the lock or use the shortcut CTRL SHIFT F to completely logout of the Banner system.

For a more extended list of the keyboard shortcuts, go to PSU's support knowledgebase at .


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